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Buying A Home In Another State?

Buying a home in another state

Have you thought about settling down in another state? Maybe you have gotten a new job offer, or you are looking for a totally different neighbourhood vibe, uprooting and moving to another state can be quite stressful.

There are many preparations to be made before moving to another state. The first being, you probably won’t have the luxury of time to view the houses personally. So how can you successfully buy a home in another state, without regretting your decision?

In our previous article, we showed you the ultimate step-by-step guide to buy a house in Malaysia. Now that you have a general idea of all the steps needed to purchase a home, keep on reading for the 5 essential tips to successfully buy a home in another state.

  1. Learn about the cost of living

The first thing that you have to do when considering to move to another state, is to learn about the cost of living there. For example, the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur would surely differ from the cost of living in, say, Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Besides the difference in property price and market value by state, try to do your own research to find out more about the healthcare and education costs and facilities in the other state. Also consider the cost of utilities, food and entertainment, as well as transportation costs and connectivity.

If it is a new job opportunity that takes you to the other state, determine how much the total cost of living in the new state compares to your new salary. 

  1. Research the neighbourhoods

In which area of the new state do you want to move to? Is it a house in a city, or is it in the suburbs? How is it different from your current location?

Moving across states on your own versus moving with your family in tow, each comes with its own set of considerations. If you have kids, you may want to find a neighbourhood near established schools. If you are looking to rent out your house, what are the overall demographics and rental market like there?

You can start your research by interacting with the locals via social media. Join a few local Facebook groups to get a general feel about the community and overall homeowner sentiment, as well as have a better understanding about the cost of living from people who are actually already living there.

  1. Engage a local real estate agent

Well, when it is not possible for you to handle the home purchasing process on your own due to the physical distance, it is highly recommended that you engage a real estate agent to help negotiate on your behalf. 

A local real estate agent would save you a lot of hassle and headache in the home purchasing process. Besides walking you through house viewings, they are able to provide advice when it comes to any local info that you might need, like the surrounding neighbourhood, property market price in that area, for instance. 

To engage the right agent, you might want to conduct interviews, seek out referrals or customer reviews before making your decision. Once you have engaged your agent, build rapport with him or her to establish a sense of trust and friendship. 

When looking for a house in another state, your real estate agent are your eyes and ears in your house hunting journey.

  1. Try to make it to the inspection

It is understandable that you may not be able to physically travel to the state to inspect the house in question, especially so with the strict interstate travel ban during COVID-19. Yet, you should try your best to be present at the house inspection. This way, you can better understand any issues with the house. 

But if you really cannot make it to inspect the house in the other state, get someone whom you trust to do it for you. Ask them for detailed pictures of areas of the house, or clear footages of the living space. Although it may be a challenge to fully capture the entire house in pictures and videos, it is still a viable option.

Alternatively, you can also hire professional house inspectors to help you inspect the house, and also get their advice on any maintenance that might be needed to be done.

  1. Hire a reliable moving company

When it finally comes to moving day, it is a good idea to get professional help to move your furniture from your existing location to your new home, instead of trying to move by yourself. Determine what furniture you want to move and those that you want to remove or donate. 

Moving price is usually based on the amount of belongings (weight and space) and travel distance so take that into consideration when you look around for moving companies.

Ask around to get estimated costs from a few companies and compare their services. Hire only reliable moving companies, especially if you are moving valuable furniture across long distances. 

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