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Multigenerational Living in Malaysia

Multigenerational Living

There is a Chinese saying which translates to ‘four generations under one roof’. It depicts the harmony of multigenerational living where great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and grandchildren live together in one household. 

Multigenerational living, as it name suggest, simply means that a family of multiple generations living together under the same roof. Usually this would mean that the grandparents, parents, grandchild and / or extended families all live together in the same house.

No doubt the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic reminds us about the significance of family. It is a reminder to us that staying close to your loved ones is a luxury that we should never take for granted. At this challenging time, multigenerational living mean so much more than it used to.

Multigenerational Homes: A Household That Houses Multiple Generations

A home that consists of multiple generations living together is called a ‘multigenerational home’. These multigenerational homes allow families with multiple generations to live harmoniously all under one roof.

Homes like these usually have distinct architectural design and an open floor plan concept for more versatile living space where seniors (grandparents), adults (parents) and child (grandchildren) can live together yet each have their own private space. 

Considerations such as extra-spacious living areas, rooms with ensuite bathrooms, senior-friendly facilities like wider doors or easy access lights for example, are part of the thoughtful home design for multigenerational homes that are ideal for multigenerational living

Check out Diamond Puchong in Taman Putra Prima, Puchong, that is a great family home for multigenerational living! 

5 Benefits of Multigenerational Living Together in the Same Home
  1. Shared Financial Expenses

One of the most obvious benefits that you can expect from multiple generations living together under one roof, is the shared financial expenses from running a household. 

Living separately means separate expenses on home loan, maintenance and many more miscellaneous fees. By bringing many family members and resources under one roof, family members can collectively address their expenses accordingly. 

  1. Shared Household Responsibilities

Living together in one house means everyone has to do their part to maintain the household. 

Multigenerational living gives you the benefit of shared household responsibilities, and allocating age-appropriate household chores and tasks to family members ensure that everyone contributes to the family in ways that they can. The older and younger generation can work on less physically demanding such chores such as folding the laundry, watering the plants, whereas able-bodied members take on more physical work.

  1. Strengthen Family Relationships

Although multigenerational living does come with its pros and cons, but mostly it fosters a higher level of attachment and intimacy between family members.

Again, the COVID-19 pandemic really reminds us of the much-needed ‘family time’ that we need as social beings. Living together in a multigenerational home means that everyone has the luxury of interacting with each other every day.

Little things in life such as spending leisure time together daily, are simple ways that can promote close family ties. Diamond Puchong offers a serene living community that inspires family bonding, perfect for your multigenerational living.

  1. Ensure Family Safety

Most of the time, living separately from ageing parents puts us in great concern for their health and safety. But due to work arrangements of conditions, elder family members are usually left unoccupied at home alone.

With multigenerational living under one roof, a home is rarely ever empty. Living with other family members means that someone is usually present to assist elderly family members in their daily life. At least, adult members are living within close proximity to the home, and can immediately come to their aid if accidents unfortunately happen.

  1. Care of Family Members

Many studies have supported the idea that interaction and close relationships with grandparents have a significant influence on little children. Grandparents embrace young children in a loving and caring atmosphere that will impact the child’s development.

Grandparents may also feel more engaged and useful when they help out their children or grandchildren in daily activities, such as helping a grandchild with homework. With the young and old living together, grandparents serve as role models for the younger generation, while grandchildren learn to respect and connect with their elders. 

Own the Perfect Multigenerational Home at Diamond Puchong by Plenitude Property

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