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Sungai Petani: Your Guide to The 9 Best Places to Visit, Shop and Eat

What comes to mind when we mention about Sungai Petani in Kedah state? Is it properties with attractive prices? Urban lifestyle convenience within an established community? 

Sungai Petani is becoming increasingly popular for out-of-state homebuyers. To many homebuyers, this fast-growing city is the perfect location for a dream family home, with residential properties that are much affordable in price when compared to properties in key location like Penang island, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.

Yet, to some, Sungai Petani appears less interesting when it comes to the things you can do or places to visit there. 

This article is going to change this perspective about Sungai Petani! Let’s go ahead and explore the top few places to visit, eat and shop in and around Sungai Petani.

Best Places to Visit in Sungai Petani
  1. Pantai Merdeka

Pantai Merdeka is a popular public beach with an unobstructed view of Gunung Jerai straight ahead, with calm seas. There is also a jetty where you can charter boat trips to Tanjung Dawai, for island hopping or for any unique ceremonies! 

The main attractions at Pantai Merdeka is its unusual rock formation with red colourisation due to its iron oxide content. Fossils found in these rocks dated back 450 million years! There is also a concrete World War II Pillbox said to have been built by the British in the 1940s to defend the coastline from Japanese landings.

  1. The Carnivall Waterpark

Head on to the Carnivall Waterpark if you are looking for exciting theme-park style activities for the entire family. There are thrilling water coaster rides for adrenaline junkies, and some relaxing rides that are suitable for kids as well.

Although the water park does not cover a huge area compared to some of the other more popular theme parks, it does offer lots of fun experiences, including horse-back riding! This fun attraction is only approximately 20 minutes – only 10km – from Bintang Maya 3!

  1. Sungai Petani Clock Tower

Sungai Petani Clock Tower

Photo: Nur Muhammad via Tripadvisor

One of the most notable landmark of Sungai Petani is the Sungai Petani Clock tower on the main street – Jalan Ibrahim. The Clock Tower was built in 1936 and stands at 12.1m in height. 

A plaque on its exterior states its history as a present from local businessman, Lim Lean Teng to George V and Queen Mary to commemorate the Silver Jubilee reign of His Majesty. Beautifully illuminated in golden yellow light starting from dusk, it holds a royal memory of its history, and bears a striking contrast to the modern buildings surrounding it. 

  1. Merbuk River Mangrove Forest

If you’re a person of nature, Sungai Petani has it for you too! Take a short drive from the Sungai Petani city centre to The Mangrove Forest along the Merbuk River, where you can witness families of migratory birds that make their temporary homes here as they go on the move. 

Best Shopping Malls to Shop in Sungai Petani
  1. Amanjaya Mall

Amanjaya is one of the latest addition to Sungai Petani’s expanding host of shopping malls. Comprised of 3 storeys, it is also one of the biggest shopping mall in Sungai Petani that encompasses a variety of retail, entertainment, F&B and specialty shops. Its list of retail tenants offer a fun and exciting shopping experience for the young and old alike.

  1. Riverfront City

Riverfront City at Sungai Petani

Photo: Sastel Blogspot

As its namesake, Riverfront City is a commercial area boasting more than 70 retail shoplot fronting a calm riverside. The buildings’ colonial-style architecture offers comfortable arenas for a carefree stroll, as well as a relaxing shopping and dining experience.

Riverfront City was designed to emerge as Pekan Baru’s green leisure haven, with over 30 types of trees and plants used in its landscaping. This is where the elements of water, air and earth blend together to create a harmonious, ambience in nature.

  1. Village Mall

Only 10km from Plenitude Property’s latest freehold 2-storey terrace home, Bintang Maya 3, is the new Village Mall that is touted to be one of the most stylish shopping malls in Sungai Petani, offering a brand new shopping experience unlike any other. 

With 3-storeys of retail space and a net lettable area of 11,000 sq. ft., it is located amidst the high-end residential township of Legenda Heights, and is firmly established as the meeting point of Northern Sungai Petani Town.

Best Restaurants to Eat in Sungai Petani
  1. Chennai Curry House

Chennai Curry House

Photo: @milla0850 via Instagram

Got a craving for Indian food? Then you must try out Chennai Curry House! They have been in town for more than a decade, and serves the best Indian food in Sungai Petani, famous for its North and South Indian dishes. 

You should definitely try their signature traditional banana leaf rice and flavourful mutton masala. Their vegetarian Indian dishes are also equally yummy, so don’t miss out this restaurant when you are in Sungai Petani!

  1. Sin Yik Wah Restaurant

Sin Yik Wah Restaurant Sin Yik Wah Restaurant

Photo: CK Lam via

If you mention ‘zhu char’ (Chinese-style homecooked dishes) to any Sungai Petani locals, 7 out of 10 people would recommend you to try out Sin Yik Wah Restaurant. This place has been passed down three generations and have been open for zhu char in town for over 75 years!

Their must-try dishes include the signature Roasted Pork and Homemade Sausage, steamed chicken, sweet and sour fish fillet, and sambal prawns. Even a simple dish like stir-fried kailan tastes wonderful. 

Another unique element about Sin Yik Wah Restaurant is their old-school method of steaming rice in individual aluminium bowls, which elevates the fragrance of white rice that is impossible to achieve with an electrical rice cooker.

Bintang Maya 3 in Sungai Petani, Kedah, is now OPEN FOR SALE

If you are in the market for a serene home in Northern Peninsular Malaysia, Bintang Maya 3 in Sungai Petani’s matured neighbourhood is the ideal family home for generations. The entire phase of 2-storey terrace homes are built to cater to low density living with only 60 limited units, each featuring spacious built up from 2,100 sq. ft, and contemporary interior with 12ft high ceilings.

Bintang Maya 3 is now OPEN FOR SALE!

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